Business Process Management

 Tanya Donnelly has accomplished more than 30 years of success across the manufacturing, energy management, automation, technology, oil & gas, food & beverage, mining & minerals industries. Leveraging extensive experience leading process management, IT management, social business transformation for organizations with a global scope, she helps established companies looking to drive growth and expansion through comprehensive process transformation strategies. Her broad areas of expertise include new product development, marketing, supply chain, customer care, HR, and IT.  Her vast knowledge includes but not limited to: contract negotiations, IT tool selection/ architecture/ management, social media integration, talent acquisition/retention, budgeting, change management, strategic planning, and great common sense.

Throughout her executive career, Tanya has held leadership positions at APC and Schneider Electric.  She founded Canobie Landing LLC, where she currently serves as President. She has been responsible for spearheading an Enterprise Business Process Model for fortune 500 companies.  Leading a global change management initiative to enable 180,000 employee base companies in more than 150 countries to manage process improvements across seven businesses; developing and overseeing KPIs for customer satisfaction to identify and execute improvements for business processes and training as well. Tanya founded Canobie Landing LLC organization to provide advisory to both for- and non-profit organizations on to leverage transformational business processes in new product development, marketing, customer care, sales, quality, IT, and HR executive and employee advocacy.

Tanya is a Michael Hammer Process Master for over 20 years.  She understands how to bust silos across organizations leveraging teams to build the best possible experience your customers desire.